Biến tần Altivar 58 Schneider ATV58

Biến tần ALTIVAR 58 (ATV58) AC drive controllers offer superior performance in a compact package. ATV58 drive controllers were designed for modularity to allow you to customize the product to your exact needs. A variety of multilingual operator interface options, I/O extension cards, communication cards, and hardware options are available for ATV58 drive controllers.

Inverter ATV58 drive controllers incorporate sensorless flux vector control for threephase asynchronous squirrel cage AC motors.

The ATV58 Type H drive controller can be used in variable torque or constant torque applications. For variable torque applications, the ATV58 Type H controller includes features for additional energy savings and quieter motor operation. Each ATV58 drive controller also incorporates the ability to enable random switching frequency modulation to further reduce motor noise. For constant torque applications, the ATV58 Type H drive controller features a 1:100 speed range with excellent torque performance through the entire speed range.

Each ATV58 drive controller has an integrated RS485 port. This port has a variety of uses to fit your applications needs.