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PLC Delta EH3 Series

PLC Delta EH3 Series là dòng PLC cao cấp nhất của Delta với rất nhiều tính năng truyền thông và khả năng xử lý cực kỳ mạnh mẽ. PLC Delta EH3 được ứng dụng trong các ngành công nghiệp nặng, các ứng dụng đòi hỏi truyền thông mạnh mẽ, tốc độ vòng quét cao...

Thông số kỹ thuật:
     Excellent Motion Control
‧High-speed pulse output: 4 sets of 200kHz pulse output (DVP40/48/64/80EH00T3)
Supports max. 4 hardware 200kHz high-speed counters
‧Increases many motion control instructions to meet the applications that require high-speed and high-precision
positioning control such as labeling machines, packaging machines and printing machines
‧Offers linear / arc interpolation motion control
‧Provides up to 16 external interrupt pointers
◎Complete Program Protection
‧Auto backup function to prevent losing programs and data even when the battery runs out
‧Second copy function provides a backup for extra insurance in the event that one set of programs and data are damaged
‧Up to 4-level password protection protects your source programs and intellectual property
◎Outstanding Operation Performance
CPU + ASIC dual processors support floating point operations.
The max. execution speed of basic instructions is able to reach 0.24μs.
◎Flexible Function Extension Modules & Cards
The multiple selections of extension modules and function cards provide analog I/O, temperature measurement, additional
single-axis motion control, high-speed counting, 3rd serial communication port and Ethernet communication card are available.
C-Link allows the user to link up a max. 32 units to the network without having to install extra communication extension modules.
◎Brand-New High-Speed Extension Modules
The brand-new extension modules greatly shorten the data transmission time among the PLC and its extension modules as well as enhance the efficiency of the PLC program.